Hi, my name is Charlie and I’m a 32-year old Mechanical/Automotive Engineer from Dearborn, MI (originally from Toronto). I am currently on a 1-year sabbatical leave from work started in September of 2017 to take on a motorcycle journey across the Americas and Europe. I have dreamed of this trip for many years and finally decide to pull the trigger after completing grad school. Follow me on this epic adventure as I explore the world.

Sea of Cortez


Why are you taking this trip?

I LOVE travelling! I’ve been wanting to go on a big trip for a long time and now is the best time in my life to make it happen: still single and have the physical & financial ability to pull this off. I feel like it’s either now or never and I will regret forever if I missed this opportunity.

Why are you doing this trip on a motorcycle?

There’s nothing like the freedom of being on a motorcycle where the rider is exposed to the elements. It elevates the travel experience by heighten all of the senses. It’s not the easiest or the most convenient mode of transportation but definitely the most fun!

How do you afford this trip?

I’ve been saving aggressively and live a frugal life. My only debt is my mortgage and I’m breaking even by renting out my house for the duration of this trip. I will be following a strict daily budget so my nights will be split between camping and cheap hostels/hotels.