Day 248 | 20428 Miles | Nîmes, France

I woke up the next morning in Andorra to the sound of slushy snow and ended up taking a rest day. I really hoped to dodge winter for a year but I guess winter finally caught up to me.

The weather didn’t improve too much the next day but being trapped in a ski resort is starting to feel like the Shining so I decided to make a break for it. Riding in 35F temperature on slick roads was not fun and visibility got even worse after I crossed a tunnel into France.

Weather changed for the better with elevation drop. It was a beautiful day riding in the Pyrenees valleys passing through small French villages.

Passed through the fort town of Remparts de Villefranche de Conflent but rain was starting to come down so I left in a hurry.

More scenic riding through the back roads…I accidentally took a toll road once and it was quite costly. Besides I’m in no rush to get anywhere.

I passed by a pagoda in Montpellier and stopped to have a look. While I was lurking by the gate the staff invited me in for coffee and gave me a tour of the Buddhist temple. Later I observed a prayer for an hour then had dinner with them. I did not expect this in France but was an interesting experience nonetheless.

Next stop is Nîmes, a former Roman city with several ancient monuments similar to Rome. Arena of Nîmes is a Roman amphitheatre. It was built around 70 AD and serves as a bullring nowadays.

Lucky for me there was a bullfighting on that day and admission is free to the general public. (Video 1/Video2)

Stage 2 of bullfighting involve jabbing barbed stakes into the Bull’s shoulders. (Video)

Stage 3 is the most gruesome part where the matador stabs the bull with a sword. The bull gets one last struggle before it collapses and gets dragged out by the horses. (Video)

I watched 5 bullfights in total. It’s kind of entertaining but cruel at the same time. Every matador got gored at least once. (Video)

I left the bullfight early and walked around the city for hours. Nîmes is a very pleasant city in the sense that it’s not overly touristy and everything is within walking distance.


  1. You are hard core!… riding in 35F temperature on slick roads nonetheless! Glad you got out of the snow and into more temperate scenic valley. The pagoda was so cool. I thought bull fighting was outlawed?… that’s some cruel shite!….SAVAGES! did you run into some soccer hooligans in Nîmes? Motor ON!

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