Day 3 | 1088 Miles | Denison, TX

First couple of days riding through the US was pretty uneventful but we weren’t exactly taking our sweet time to take in the scenes. We did a quick pass through the town of Casey to check some ‘Big Things’.

Temperature was in the 90’s all day. It was very refreshing taking a dip in a cold river.

We set up camp in Richland, MO.

As we were about to heat up some MRE’s, a nice family from Lebanon, MO at the next campsite gave us some food and a fire starter log. Thanks a lot guys!

It was around 100 F all day through Oklahoma and Texas so we had to take plenty of water breaks and end up covering only 408 miles each day in about 10 hours of riding.

Drying our tents in the hotel


  1. I’ve found that on solo and duo trips, it’s the people that you meet that can make for the best stories. Sounds like the hospitality from your Lebanon, MO “friends” can go down as your first strangers to help you out. Probably the first of many more to come. Keep rolling the miles! At 400 miles/day, you’re going to need new tires in a hurry!

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